The Halifax Port Authority has invested significantly in infrastructure. We have modern infrastructure, using the latest technology, and world class security. Over the last two years, the Port of Halifax has seen over $100-million in infrastructure investments. The Port has two major Gateway infrastructure projects underway to enhance breakbulk and containerized cargo terminals.

Highlights of infrastructure improvements at the Port of Halifax:

Gateway Infrastructure Projects

The Halifax Port Authority and the Federal Government are jointly investing in two major infrastructure projects at the Port of Halifax. These projects are part of the Halifax Port Authority's long-term strategy for maintaining the port's competitiveness with their core business which is cargo. The Government of Canada is contributing up to $54 million towards the Halifax Port Authority Terminals Improvements Project through the Gateways and Borders Crossings Fund. The federal funding for the South End Terminal is up to $17.5 million, and Richmond Terminal Improvements Project is up to $36.5 million federal funding.

If you have any questions in regards to the Gateway projects please contact Carrie Keating with the Halifax Port Authority at (902) 426-3642.

The South End Container Terminal:

The South End Container Terminal

The primary objective of this project is to be able to simultaneously berth and service two post-Panamax ships at the South End Container Terminal. The Port of Halifax has the deepest container berths on the Eastern Seaboard of North America, and this project will ensure that Halifax continues to be able to handle any size ships with operational flexibility. The Port of Halifax is positioning itself as a world-class port, one that provides direct access to and from the economic heartland of North America.

The pier extension and associated dredging for this portion of the project are now complete. The area has been dredged to a new depth of 16 m and the pier has been extended 80 metres long and is 45 metres wide. The pier extension allows the South End Container Terminal to accommodate and provide crane access to two super post-Panamax ships simultaneously.

Other projects that are part of the Gateway funding for the South End Container Terminal include:

  • Reconfiguration of the approach road to allow for a smoother turn which is currently underway
  • Improved cargo-handling efficiencies, particularly for truck operations, through the construction of a new expanded truck marshalling yard and gate complex.

Richmond Multipurpose Terminals:

Richmond Multipurpose Terminals

This project currently underway and on schedule is valued at approximately $73 million, which is cost shared between the Federal Government and the Halifax Port Authority. This project will upgrade and expand this facility to enable it to handle breakbulk and project cargo. Richmond Terminals, when complete will provide additional capacity for breakbulk operations. This terminal will feature a large lay down area and shed space to allow for growth in this area.

Project Phases:

  • The first phase of the Richmond Terminals Project is complete. This phase included the reinforcement of Piers 9 and 9B as the piers date back as far as 100 years old, and needed strengthening. Shed 9 canopy renovations and Shed 9B waste water were also upgraded as part of this phase.
  • The second phase includes reconstruction of terminal roadway (now complete) and the extension of pier 9C (underway). The extension in this phase includes nine components: mattress stone, concrete crib construction, crib filling, site backfilling, construction of a steel sheet pile closure wall, new copewall, rail sidings, lights and terminal surface.
  • The Halifax Port Authority has kept local residents informed of these steps in the construction so they understand the scope and timeline of the work and we continue to work with them to minimize the construction's impact on the neighbourhood. You can read our November 2011 update here and our April 2012 update here.