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Security & Operations


Halifax Port Authority Credentialing Office

Port of Halifax - Security & Operations

HPA’s credentialing office is responsible for issuing Port of Halifax Identification cards and processing applications for Marine Transportations Security Clearances (MTSC) as per Transport Canada’s Marine Transportation Security Regulations.

The purpose of the Transport Canada Security Clearance Programme is to reduce the risk of security threats to the marine transportation system by conducting background checks on workers who perform certain duties or who have access to certain Restricted Areas within marine facilities. The goal of the Transport Canada Security Clearance Program is to enhance security for the marine transportation system in order to benefit the public, passengers, marine workers, and vessel operators.

Credentialing office hours are: Monday – Thursday, 8:00 a.m.–3:00 p.m. and are by appointment only.

Persons wishing to make an appointment shall contact the credentialing office at: (902) 426-1597.

Credentialing Office Location:
2nd Floor, Film and Media Center
1096 Marginal Road

MTSC application forms may be found on this website or by contacting the Credentialing Office. HPA’s Credentialing Office can provide you with instructions on applying for an MTSC or Port of Halifax Identification Card.

Part of the North American Security Perimeter

  • Maintaining our reputation as a safe port-of-call
  • Security is a critical factor in the continued commercial viability of the Port of Halifax
  • More than 20% of Halifax’s containerized cargo volume is US cargo
  • 93% of cruise passengers visiting Halifax are American

HPA'S Coordination Role

  • Working closely with the federal government to ensure coordination with marine security initiatives
  • 2001 establishment of Port Security Committee
  • The HPA has taken a leadership position within the Halifax marine community to ensure awareness of, and action on, port security
  • Only major seaport in Canada with 24-hour policing service
  • Halifax Regional Police Service - dedicated Ports officers
  • Access to intelligence and specialized policing services, ie. canine units
  • In a major event, ability to adapt through Halifax Regional Police Service
  • HPA was chosen by CCRA as their port partner in the Radiation Detection Pilot Project
  • Relationships with colleagues in the northeastern United States
    • Operation Safe Commerce Program
    • Regulators and other ports